Opening a pay per head account to outsource your bookmaking business is faster than ever with Getting started is a simple 3 step process.

Step 1– Bookmaker information.

* Fill out the Sign Up form with a valid email address along with the first and last name that you wish to appear on the account. If possible, please provide a contact number where you may be reached.

Make sure to use the comments section to enter the number of players in your package and any other details to include on your players profile for the initial setup as well as the method they’ll use to place their wagers (either Internet or Phone). This is very important in order to quote you an actual price per head fee for the call center and wagering data processing service.

Based on the information you provided on the sign up form you will receive an email with a price quotation. Once again that is why it is very important that you provide a valid email address. You will also find the different payment methods along with instructions for the next step of the sign up process.

Step 2- Make your Payment: Once you receive our confirmation email, we will contact you with instructions to settle payment. Usually asks for a 2 week advance prior to activating your account. Once you have made your initial 2 week deposit by the payment method of your choice whether it is Neteller or a Money Transfer agency you will receive a Transaction Number which you will need to notify us via phone (toll free number 877-386-0180), as this is how we are able to confirm payment. Next, we’ll activate your account and get you started right away. **At this point if you have any other question in regards to the service or the PPH fee, feel free to address them to the Customer service representative**

Step 3- Agent Setup

Finally, you’ll be prompted to fax or email us a list of usernames and passwords for your customers along with any specific details that you wish to have on your players profile or your credit agent software interface. It is not necessary for you to provide names, phone numbers, emails or addresses from your players. Any other information you provide to us is at your discretion. Once we have received this list we will enter it for you into our database and will also set up your Credit Agent Profile. This is usually a quick process done the same day; the time it takes depends on the number of players and other specifications you need for the profiles. After this is done, you’ll be issued a username and using your password you can begin to view reports, etc. Your players can also access our wagering call center services through our dedicated toll free numbers or login in through the internet to place their bets using our sportsbook and wagering software.

Is that simple!

Call us now at 877-386-0180 to get started today.

Pay Per Head is the future of bookmaking. Avail financing from To Get started today and take advantage of our sportsbook call center services and data processing for sportsbetting agents and their players.