By Partnering with Real Bookies, PayPerHead365, utilizes the finest wagering software available worldwide. You and your players can rest assured that all wagers will be recorded clearly, accurately and instantaneously, whether by phone or over the internet. All account balances (yours and your players) will be accurate and up-to-the-minute.

Your players will enjoy 24/7 access to sports, horses and casino games with just ONE LOGIN and will appreciate knowing where they stand at any point in time.

You’ll have a mountain of up-to-date information at your fingertips, and you probably won’t miss the daily drudgery of setting/moving lines, taking/grading wagers and calculating player balances. With all the time you’ll be saving, you can concentrate on growing your business, or just kicking back and enjoying life. One attractive feature of our player management program is that each player has a single account covering all wagering activities (sports, horses and casino games). This makes it simple for the player and much easier for the agent to track that player’s wagering activity. You are able to monitor all of your players accounts online or by phone. Each player will be able to wager on sports, horses and casino games with a single account, thus making your job simpler.

You can analyze individual player wagering activity through a variety of advanced reports, including Player Pending Transactions, Sports Daily Figures (by player), Casino Daily Figures (by player), Customer Daily Figures Combined, and Customer Performance (by week, month, and year). All agent reports are real time and available 24/7. If we currently do not have a report that you would like to use please let us know and we will create the report for you. Checkout for financial help.

Lists of the reports are below.

All Customers:

Gives you are complete list of all the clients that we have on file including their account number, password, last time they logged into the web site, their current balance, minimum and maximum per play and whether the player is active or disabled.

Add Customer:

You can add your own players thus eliminating the need to contact the call center to add or make changes for you.